Elastic graphite

Graphene Paste

 1. Product Introduction

Graphene paste is mainly composed of high quality graphene and deionized water.The product has the characteristics of high content of graphene, good dispersibility, excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, etc. Adding it to electrothermal paste to make of electrothermal products has the advantages of fast and uniform heating, stable power, electric conversion efficiency, high safety and long life. 


 2. Product Features

(1).The slurry is stable with small size, little dust pollution,  easy to be added and dispersed.

(2) The graphene is made by mechanical stripping with few defects in of the lamella and excellent thermal conductivity and electric conduction .

(3)It endue the heating film with low resistance with low resistance, fast heating, uniform power, stable and controllable temperature, etc. 

(4)It can be processed by grinding, high-speed cutting, mixing, roller grinding, emulsification and other processes, and it is suitable for various water-based systems.


3. Product specifications

Product technical parameters




grey and black paste

solid content


Particle Size(D50)


graphene layers



Water base/alcohol base

Note: Products can be customized according to customer needs

4.Main Application:

(1) Water-based coating system, especially water-based conductive coating.

(2) Water-based conductive ink

(3) Water based anticorrosion adhesive, reduce the permeability of water and gas, increase the strength.

(4) Composite materials conduct heat and electricity, and enhance.


5. Product use instructions

Operation, disposal and storage

1. The operator shall wear appropriate protective gloves and protective clothing to avoid direct contact with human body. In case of accidental contact, wash with plenty of water.

2. In order to improve the dispersion effect, it is recommended to dilute the product by pre-dispersing it in deionized water.

3. Store in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse.The product should be kept in a sealed container and used immediately after being unsealed.If the product cannot be used all at once, the time of exposure to air shall be minimized, and the sealing state shall be restored to ensure that the product is in normal use.