The use of graphite powder


Graphite powder is soft; black and gray; greasy feeling, can contaminate the paper. Hardness of 1 to 2, in the vertical direction with the increase in the hardness of the impurity may be increased to three to five. A specific gravity of 1.9 to 2.3. In the absence of oxygen conditions, the melting point above 3000 ℃, the temperature is one of the most mineral. Chemical properties at room temperature graphite is relatively stable, insoluble in water, dilute acid, dilute alkali and organic solvents; under different temperature react with oxygen to form carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide; only fluorine can react directly with elemental carbon in halogen; under heating , graphite easier to be acid oxidation; at high temperatures, can react with many metals to form metal carbides at high temperatures can be metal smelting.

Graphite used in various fields of industry played an important role, is an important raw material needs of industrial production, for example, it is used as refractory, conductive material and a wear-resistant lubricating materials. Qingdao rock sea carbon graphite material Co., Ltd. as the manufacturers, has been strictly control the quality of graphite powder, graphite powder by users of the pro-Lai. In the graphite market, Qingdao rock sea stone powder supply share in a leading position, is non-metallic graphite material graphite after grinding mill product. Depending on the crushing effect of graphite powder, graphite specifications are not the same, graphite uses are different. Use with graphite graphite size, nature of graphite are inseparable, under otherwise identical conditions, the smaller the particle size of the graphite powder, the greater the graphite mesh, the more extensive use of graphite, graphite higher the price . Carbon Materials Co., Ltd. Qingdao sea as a rock has a wealth of experience in the production of graphite powder manufacturers, always adhere to the quality of the graphite powder, graphite powder supply for the protection of graphite powder product and technology development as motivation. So that graphite can smoothly enter the industry. Graphite use and industrial production are inextricably linked, substantially in various industrial fields need to use graphite, carbon materials Limited Qingdao sea rock adequate energy supply graphite powder, to ensure all areas within the industrial demand for graphite powder . Such as steel, aluminum and other production needs of metallurgy graphite powder, graphite powder use played an important role in industrial production.